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Thank you Michael for helping us out on keeping our house.  I tried before by myself and couldn't get nothing done.  I tried for one year and a half, I was starting to give up hope when a friend of mine told me about you and I couldn't lose anything by trying.  And now thanks to you I got my loan modification in only 4 months!
Thank you so much,


Gracias Michael por ayudarnos en mantener nuestra casa.  Yo entente solo y no pude arreglar nada.  Entente por un ano y medio, empeze a perder esperanza cuando un amigo mio me conto de usted y no perdia nada en intenterlo.  Y ahora gracias a usted recive mi modificacion en solo 4 meses!

Muchisimas gracias,


Carlos in Hesperia, CA
Dear Michael,

We want to sincerely thank you and your very competent staff for helping us secure our loan modification.

We have lived in our wonderful home in Fallbrook and paid our mortgage on time for 17 years, but the economic collapse had severe effects on the cash flow our 20 year old business.

Our lender, Bank of America, urged us in their ever increasing volume of notices and warnings to contact them and work with them directly to see if we qualified for loan modification.  We first talked with B of A, then gathered the information they requested, finally meeting with them in person in San Diego.  We left our meeting with B of A with the sinking feeling that going through this process by ourselves with no experience was not a good idea.  We realized that we needed expert advice to guide us through this process.

We began asking everyone we knew if they knew an expert in loan modification; through a stroke of luck we were given your name.

From our very first meeting you were honest and forthright with your advice and demonstrated that you clearly had successfully been down this road before and knew the necessary process that needed to be followed to maximize the chance of getting a loan modification approved.

We would advise anyone who wants to have a proven expert in loan modification on their side to hire your firm.  They can be assured that you and your staff know what they are doing and have the best chance of achieving a successful outcome to the loan modification process.

One piece of advice we would give to any potential client is to please know that they are a part of this process and that they must respond quickly and completely to all requests for information from your office in order to allow you help them get the job done.

Michael, thank you again for your skill, honesty and professionalism in securing a loan modification that will assure we will stay in our home that we love so much for years to come.

Charles & Ann in Fallbrook, CA
We highly recommend Frontier Consultation Services Inc for anybody looking to do a home loan modification, and we would most definitely use their services again.  At the end of the day it’s about results ………… our home mortgage is now at a 2.0% interest rate, and our payments decreased  $1200 per month!

Michael Gaddis is an amazing professional who truly understands ALL the legal applications of the home modification process.  He knows what it needed when working with the banks, and he works diligently to get things done.  Michael is a champion for the home owner – and gives his all when representing YOU.  He took the time to explain the entire process from start to finish, and answered all our concerns every step of the way.

The office staff is friendly, helpful, and very professional.  Doug and Angelica are ALWAYS available and accessible.  There was never a time when we were not kept up to date during each stage of the loan modification process.

The overall modification process is long, drawn out, and sometimes stressful – we are so lucky to have found a knowledgeable and trustworthy professional who worked with us, and made us feel at ease through it all.  THANK YOU!

Louise in Vista, CA
Michael Gaddis and his staff were very helpful in achieving a loan modification for my husband and I.  I had lost my job of over 24 years and needed to do something to keep our house.  We tried to do a loan modification on our own only to be denied by our bank because we were not in default.  Our bank did not give us the option to try again.  So I continued to search for a solution.  Michael was recommended to me through a friend.  He gave me enough information to make an intelligent decision to move forward with him. I'm glad we did.  Michael was able to work with our bank to reduce our monthly payments by nearly 43% and obtain a 2% interest rate. Thank you Michael!

Erlette in Spring Valley, CA
To whom it may concern; My story is,that i tried to modify my loan with a bank on my own,but after a year and half i was denied. Then i was referred to Michael's office,and the rest is history. The staff was on top of it.   The whole thing took only about few month,and after few ups and downs they were able to get the documents signed ,and give us some relief. I and my wife definitely recommend Michael's office for whatever services they offer.

Masood and Georgina in Escondido, CA
We are writing to express our gratitude to The Law Offices of Michael Gaddis and his staff for handling our tough loan modification and assisting us in obtaining the re-modification loan we needed to keep our home. We find it difficult to adequately express in words the gratitude that we feel for not just the loan you helped us obtain, but for the peace of mind and happiness that came with it.

We would like to thank Michael and his team for their hard work, care, expertise and respect they showed us from day one. We were struggling with our mortgage payments, nothing new these days, and we tried with a so-called "financial company" but all they did was take our $3,000 and run. We would call, email, fax them but nothing was ever done. I even wrote a letter to the Attorney General's Office complaining of how this company took advantage of us, but nothing could be done short of spending more money on attorney's fees and taking them to court.

Disgusted and with less hope than before, we went to a "real estate agent" who "specialized" in "mortgage re-modifications". After a year or more of sending documents back and forth to her office and the bank, our application was cancelled by the bank since we did not send them all the documents needed even though the real estate agent said everything was fine.

We had lost all hope by now and were contemplating on packing and moving since it was obvious that we were going to lose our home. We received a card inviting us to attend a Michael Gaddis seminar and my wife attended. She asked a lot of questions and being satisfied with Michael's answers, she told me everything that she had heard and asked if I was willing to give Michael's office a try. I said "why not, what do we have to lose". We went to Michael's office in October 2011 and right from the start his positive attitude and sincerity gave us the strength that we needed to try "one more time". Michael was very straight-forward, did not exaggerate nor lied to us and did not make us feel that it was our fault for being in the situation in which we were in. He showed the respect, courtesy and professionalism that we desperately needed. He was heaven sent.

He helped us with our unique situation and always kept fighting for us against the bank and all the foreclosure and short sale notices that we kept receiving. After almost a year of back and forth with the bank and their agents, we received the trial period notice and payments. We were relieved to see that our battle was almost over. After making the 3 trial period payments, we finally received the re-modification documents. We immediately called Michael's office and made the appointment to sign them and mail them out. In the re-modification, the bank forgave over $180,000 of the previous loan and the new payments are much more affordable now.

We highly recommend Michael Gaddis' office to anyone who is battling with the possibility of losing their home.


Willie & Cheryl in Oceanside, CA
We were happy and satisfied working with Michael’s office. Michael did 2 modifications for us. We were able to save and keep both of our homes. I would recommend anybody to use Michael and his office’s services. Everything was conducted in a professional manner and we were thrilled and happy to have done business with them.

Richard in Temecula, CA
We had a great experience with Attorney Gaddis and Angelica. We were expecting a reduction in our monthly payments, but they also attained a reduction in our principal balance. Angelica was able to explain every step to us in Spanish, which made us feel more comfortable. Thank you very much!

Tuvimos una gran experiencia con el Procurador Gaddis y Angélica. Nos esperábamos una reducción en nuestros pagos mensuales, sino que también logró una reducción de nuestro saldo del capital. Angélica fue capaz de explicar cada paso para nosotros en español, que nos hizo sentir más cómodo. Muchas gracias!


Jenaro from Oceanside, CA
Un servicio de primera estoy muy contento con los resultados. Recomiendo al abogado 100% a las gentes que necesitan la ayuda. Fueron muy atentos con migo, y me ayudaron en el momento cuando fui a pedir ayuda, Michael me recibió y se porto muy bien. Estoy contento y agradecido. Mi pago mensual me quedo a la cantidad que Michael dijo que lo iba a arreglar, y estoy contento que salió a lo que él dijo. A la persona que lo busca, deseo que le den el mismo servicio.

-Luis de Coachella

Fi1st class service; I’m very happy with the results. I highly recommend the lawyer to all those that are in need. They were very attentive towards me, they helped me in my time of need, and Michael received me and treated me very well. I’m grateful and satisfied with the outcome. My new monthly payment ended up at the amount that Michael had said, and I am happy that the results were what he promised me. I hope that the future clients receive the same service as I did.

-Luis from Coachella


Luis from Coachella, CA
This letter is my recommendation of your services and your entire office staff.  I would like to tell our story so you can understand our gratitude.

We began with the usual attempts at getting a mortgage modification by ourselves.  We called the bank, and they told us what they needed and sent out a package.  We filled out the package, mailed it back, with all attached proofs of bank accounts, etc., and waited for a response.  The told us they were working on it several times, and months went by.  We got our tax return, and, in spite of all the other things we could have done with the money, we brought our mortgage current.  Because we were up to date, they denied our modification.  We had given up any hope, when I spoke with a co-worker who told me he had just done his second modification with you.  He gave me your card, and I brought it home and discussed it with my wife.  She was dubious, but agreed to call.

We made an appointment to see Michael in December of 2011.  We were sent a package of information needed, and took a week to gather everything for our meeting. When we arrived at the office, we were nervous, but the staff welcomed us and we began to relax while we waited to meet Michael.  Michael went over our finances, our income, our debts, and our mortgage.  He gave us instructions and did the work to make our package look proper to the bank, enhancing our opportunity to get the modification.  He then went over his contract and guarantee to us.

A package was prepared and sent to our bank in late April or early May.  We received a trial payment for our modification beginning June 1st.  The modification offer was hundreds lower than our original mortgage, but, the most important thing was the elimination of some fees and the return to current status of the debt.  We made the trial payments, all by certified check, and waited for the final numbers. The bank dragged it’s feet through September, so we made a fourth trial payment, but we finally received our loan offer in mid September.  Your office was unbelievable in getting us the paperwork and assisting us in getting it sent back to the bank, while we were with family in Florida at the time the package came in.

Our new modified mortgage is roughly $400.00 per month less than it was, it’s a fixed mortgage, our payments are current and the late fees, investigation fees, penalties, and the rest are all gone, some eliminated and some rolled onto the end of the note, but all taken care of.  We now have a mortgage we can afford, and are now secure in our home, thanks to the efficient work by your office.  Everyone at Michael's office worked so hard on our behalf, and we really appreciate the calls to the bank, the time we have tied you up on the phone with our questions, and all the paperwork you needed to complete to get this done.  Thank you all so much.

Ronna & Dave in El Cajon, CA