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I just would like to share my experienced with the office of Michael Gaddis. We have been dealing with our loan modification  with our bank, (Bank of America) for the longest time. I would say 3 to 5 years.  We have been passed on with different people from different department.  I have documented my conversations with each one of them together with the time and the name of the person I talked to and what they have said. Through this tedious and agonizing process, I have noticed that they don't really know what they were doing and what they were talking about all these years. We even went and attended the seminar at San Diego Convention Center sponsored by Bank of America. It was an overwhelming process. But looking back, it was just a 'BIG SHOW' for the people and the government and the investors. They asked us to submit more paperworks and documents all over again.  They said they will call us and give us update after 3 weeks. More than 3 weeks have passed by, no calls or letter form them. When they finally called, they said, everything looks good and would just need one more copy  of our paycheck. But I told them that we have received a 'sale date'.  They said 'don't worry about it. It's just part of the process. But that was not the case, had I not consulted with Atty Michael Gaddis the sale would have gone through. They dropped us on the last day. We could have loose the house if Michael Gaddis and his staff did not interfere and took hold of the situation. To make the long story short.... We are very, very thankful and very impressed and very blessed to be in the care of Michael and his staff. The manner in which they have handled everything, for stopping the sale date, to negotiating with the bank of what we can afford, to closing was just simply amazing!!!!

To Michael and his staff, Cheers and a big THANK YOU from our family for not just saving our home but for giving us PEACE OF MIND.

Leah in San Diego, CA
Dear MR.Gaddis
I can not tell you how you and your company took such a stressful and complicated situation from me when I was at a dead end with Bank of America on getting a modification, which I fought for over a period of 28 months with customer service, and this one, and that one, talking and no one caring, I was ready to just give it up.

This is to recommend The Law Offices of Michael G. Gaddis of Keeping My Property in regards to mortgage modification. I have been working with MR.Gaddis to modify my mortgage and have found Him to be thoroughly professional, courteous, and most importantly, effective. MR.Gaddis got my Principle reduced for almost $320k. I am now saving over four hundred dollars a month on my mortgage payments with a percentage rate of 3.625 for the life of the loan. MR.Gaddis has guided me throughout the process and has made it a lot less stressful than I had anticipated. Because of MR.Gaddis I’m sure I’ll be able to keep my house. I would highly recommend The Law Offices of Michael G. Gaddis to anyone who, like me, is having trouble with his or her mortgage and are trying to keep their home.

God Bless You and your staff Mr. Gaddis

John in Turlock, CA
It is my pleasure to recommend The Law Offices of Michael Gaddis to you. During the past two years my husband and myself have worked directly with Michael Gaddis' office on our loan modification for our home.  The law office offers great services and rates.  We have always been pleased with their work in these past two years.  We received more than great response in adequate time when it came to any new inquiries regarding our loan modification.  Please consider The Law Offices of Michael Gaddis for all of your needs regarding your home.  I recommend them and look forward to working with them again, if needed.

Pablo and Maria in Ramona, CA
We recently went through a loan modification and subsequently a short sale on our house. Both were extremely complicated and difficult.  Michael & Doug worked tirelessly with the mortgage company and successfully completed both transactions.  We could never have managed this on our own and doubt that anyone other than Michael & Doug could have done such a great job.  We couldn't be more pleased with their service.

Gerry & Karla
I just wanted to thank you for all your help and effort to save our home!

Anyone out there who needs expert advise and help should definitely contact your firm.

Elizabeth Lee and Henry Choi

Sept 09, 2013

In a time when I see modification assistance companies taking advantage of homeowners who are desperate to save their homes, I am happy to report that my experience with your company has been exactly what I had hoped for. I tried to process the modification myself over a 15 month period and was denied twice before I came to you. I am pleased to tell you that the process went smoothly and you did what you said you would do. My modification was finalized last week at a low interest rate resulting in my payments nearly being cut in half. Today my loan shows as current and my payments are manageable. - Don Valdez

Don Valdez
Dear Michael,

I am so very pleased and relieved that the whole process of the modification for my home here in El Cajon is completed. I seemed to good to be true after all the time I spent trying to do it myself (June 2009 until October 2012). You not only relieved the stress from my life but also saved my family from being displaced from our home. I know that many hours were spent by you and your team. You were recommended to me and I would recommend your service to anyone facing foreclosure.

Thank You So Very Much!

Maralyn In El Cajon